We are not a registered nonprofit so giving a deck to an educator through us will not be tax deductible. If you need a deductible donation, here are some amazing places to give*. But if you want to send a deck or 5 to an educator who will use it to connect girls and women to careers in computing, pick an item to the right. (If you’re an educator looking to get a free deck, you can apply here).

Here’s one educator we sent a free deck to:

Image of Notable Women in Computing Cards being used by an educator.

“So Stoked!”

Here are more pictures of the cards in use, and still more. We select educators from the pool of those who apply through the form above, or reach out to us in other ways and meet the criteria. Some educators had the cash to buy their own decks and poster and shared some pictures.

One educator who received 5 free decks said:

“When I went to our computer teachers before school to deliver these cards, I couldn’t help but notice the labs were mostly full of boys. The teachers, esp. those who teach younger kids, promised to get these in the hands of girls. In fact, they are starting a computing and technology club for girls.”

Every deck we sell contributes to more free decks for teachers, read more about our finances here. But if you want to just give, you can do that here.

*These are nonprofits that do work for women and for the internet where the women behind this project have either worked or regularly donated. They aren’t for everyone, but they don’t need to be to change the world.

Images of the Notable Women in Computing Card Deck being used by an educator

“I’m very excited to start using them next semester, thanks again.”